Climb. Have fun. Leave a positive impact.


Leave alone and meet other outdoor enthusiasts


Travel to amazing off-the-beaten track destinations


Climb at astonishing crags


Leave an impact on the local climbing community


Rock climbing holidays for all levels.

If you go to the climbing trips page of our website, you’ll notice the badges ‘Certified Guide Included’ and ‘Autonomous Climbers’.‍

Our climbing holidays labeled ‘Certified Guide Included’ are suitable for all levels, including beginners. A certified rock climbing guide will be there to facilitate the trip and keep you safe.
The trips with the 'Autonomous Climbers' badge don't include a certified rock climbing guide. These are suitable for anyone who already knows how to rock climb outdoors safely. In both cases, the groups and itinerary are organized according to the level of the climbers.


Relax, climb and have fun. We’ll take care of the rest.

Do you love rock climbing holidays but hate organizing them? Are you having trouble finding a climbing partner who wants to join you on a trip? Don’t worry, we take care of all this! Our team organizes the logistics for each trip, including the itinerary, accommodation, climbing insurance, and gear rental. We’ll even arrange for a local climber or guide to show you the best crags. You’ll be joining a group of psyched climbers of a similar level, and we’ll even pair you with a belay partner if needed. All you have to do is decide what climbing holiday to go on.

A few numbers on the Mapo Tapo travelers

Mapo Tapo travelers are typically adventurous people age between 10 and 90 years old, that...


... have never climbed before


... already climbed in the gym or outdoors, but are not super confident


... are fully autonomous climbers

Be a responsible climbing traveler