Hi fellow climber!

Travelling in a safe way is obviously the most important thing! We are fully aware that the current situation could generate uncertainty regarding your future travel plans. To allow you to travel safely during the covid pandemic, we are putting in place the following safety measures: 

●       We constantly monitor the situation in all the countries where we have active trips.

●       We check in with our partners to make sure that all the COVID safety measures are respected.

●       We limit the maximum number of participants in each of our rock climbing trips to 4 - 8 people and we always go to off-the-beaten track crags, avoiding more crowded locations.

●       We recommend you take a COVID test the week before departure.

●       We require all our travelers to sign an auto certification, which testifies that they are not COVID-19 positive, they have had no symptoms of COVID in the previous 14 days and that they are aware of the COVID-19 pandemic containment measures imposed by the authorities.

●  We offer you a kick-ass COVID refund policy.


‍We want you to be able to book our trips stress-free during this difficult time. We have put some measures in place so you don't have to worrying about losing your money in case you can't take part to the trip for reasons related to COVID-19.

Mapo Tapo will give you a full refund (net of bank and/or management fees) if one of the following events occurs on the day scheduled for departure (valid refund for all the trips booked from  01/11/2020 to 31/12/2022): 

●       You cannot come since you tested positive for COVID-19.

●       You cannot come since you are currently in quarantine after being in close contact with somebody who tested positive for COVID-19.

●       There is a new governamental safety law which prevents movements across regions (for experiences planned in Italy) or a norm which prohibits leaving the State of departure or accessing in the State of destination.

●       There is a rule or a government order in force that requires you to quarantine on arrival at the trip destination.

●       There is a rule or a government order in force that requires you to quarantine on return to the trip State of departure.


To obtain the refund, you will just need to present the right documentation proving your status (such as a positive test result, communication from the local health authority, medical certificate, similar documents, a self-declaration), within 15 days from the start date of the trip.

In case you will not have the chance to send the documentation, we will evaluate each individual case in turn. We also reserve the right to recognize a refund of the price (possibly with a voucher) in the event that you cannot participate in the trip due to impediments other than those listed above but still related to the COVID-19 emergency. For more info, have a look at our T&C!