Frequently Asked Questions

The official answer is that Mapo Tapo is a platform designing and organizing rock climbing group trips in off-the-beaten track destinations.

In reality, Mapo Tapo is more like that friend of yours who has travelled all over the world, knows all the best climbing spots and can't wait to share them with you. Or that friend who always seems to know the best 'secret' crags, the most beautiful beaches, the tastiest restaurants and the local climbing legends. Mapo Tapo wants to make sure you have all the support and information you need on your trip so you can focus on the climbing, rather than getting lost trying to find the crag.

Absolutely! Our trips labelled 'Certified Guide Included' will have a rock climbing guide present to keep you safe, and are therefore suitable for beginner and more experienced climbers alike.

If you already know how to sport climb and belay safely, then you can also sign onto our trips labelled 'Autonomous Climbers'. A local climber will be on hand to bring you to the best crags, show you the best routes and even provide some beta. If you're looking to improve your sport climbing or bouldering performance, then you can sign up for our 'Boulder Camp' in Western Sicily or 'Camaiore Rock Master'. Why train in a gym when you can do the same drills in Europe's most beautiful crags?

Yes. We organize small groups for all our trips. You can go on a trip alone (as long as you are comfortable belaying and being belayed by someone we pair you with), with a friend or belay partner, or even a group of friends. During the trip you will be joined by climbers from all over the world to share and enjoy the overall experience.

There's plenty of reasons why you should pick a Mapo Tapo trip, but here are our top three:

1. Authentic experience - We try to give you the most authentic experience of a climbing area possible! You'll be staying in a carefully selected local B&B catering to climbers, eat in local cafés and restaurants, and be joined by a local climber to show you the best spots.

2. Social impact - Our mission is to use  rock climbing tourism as a means of fostering responsible economic growth. For all our trips, we pick off-the-beaten track destinations where climbing tourism can have a real positive impact on the local community. We support the local economy by working with local businesses and guiding agencies. Finally, part of the profits from our trips are reinvested in the local climbing infrastructure, financing bolts, anchors and other equipment needed to develop and maintain crags.

3. Community - Mapo Tapo are working hard to foster a global community of climbers who share our values surrounding responsible travel. You'll meet some of them on your trip! You can also connect with the Mapo Tapo community through our social media channels - we try and reply to all your messages. If you want to discover really off-the-beaten track climbing destinations or learn about important topics such as climbing safety, sustainability and gender equality then head to our

online magazine

For the moment, yes. The travel bans and uncertainties due to the COVID-19 pandemic mean that for the moment staying local is most desireable.

However, we are working with partners in destinations on other continents - think Chile, Palestine, Jordan - to organise some trips there going forwards. Keep your eyes peeled!

Loads of climbing and great memories. Plus everything that's listed on the trip page.

Please note that flights are not included in the trip as we want to give you plenty of flexibility over when (and how!) you arrive and leave. If you want to stay in an area for longer, get in touch and we can help arrange this.

Yes! This is included with all our trips.

According to Wikipedia, 'sustainable tourism is the concept of visiting somewhere as a tourist and trying to make a positive impact on the environment, society, and economy'.

‍Mapo wants you to be aware of your impact. We love to travel, yet we also want to leave a world that future generations can enjoy in the ways that we have. We therefore need to focus on how we can enrich each destination we visit, rather than consume its resources. By travelling with Mapo Tapo you are adding value to each and every one of our destinations by sustaining the local economy and by financing the development of the climbing in that region. Find out more in our 'About us' section

Yes! Once you book, we'll reserve your spot, contact our local partners and send you a confirmation within 72 hours. When you recieve this confirmation you can then go ahead and book your flights!

We've put a few measures in place to keep our trips COVID safe, including: limiting group sizes to 4-8 climbers, ensuring you sign a self-declaration that you have no symptoms of COVID before you leave, making sure our partners are taking adequate precautions and having a kick-ass COVID refund policy. You can find out more about our this on our 'Travel Safely' page

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